Today's Farmer's Market Trip

Like most Saturdays during the Summer we visited our local Farmer's Market. We purchased the usual fruits, vegetables and meat from our favorite vendors.

While picking out our cantelope I overheard one woman saying to another "I bought one of these last week and I am telling you it was the best cantelope I've ever had!" I thought to myself that I was very happy that this woman discovered how wonderful and fresh food is when you buy it locally . . . so far different from a lot of the foods available at the local grocery store which are trucked across the country if not across the world. I feel lucky to have such wonderful local food, readily available, at reasonable prices within our community.

Here are our purchases for the day:

A bunch of flowers
4 large chicken breasts
1 package pre-cooked barbeque pulled pork (heat & eat)
1 package ground chuck
1 package pork chops
1 package trail bologna
1 bag apples
2 large cantelopes
6 ears corn
1 eggplant
1 bag green beans
1 oatmeal dried cranberry cookie

Total spent: $45

We spent a little more on meat than usual, but we will most likely be unable to attend the market next week as we have a wedding on Saturday.


Jen said...

Great bio Amy! Have you looked into Community Supported Agriculture. Some of my friends in lab have bought shares of some of the local farms in Nashville and each week get to pick up a basket of that weeks harvest. They never know what they are going to get, but they all love it and enjoy finding new recipes and things to make with their goodies. Its a great way to eat organically (make sure the farm is organic) and it supports local farmers.

Symhome mom said...

Yes we have looked into co-ops. I decided last summer that we were going to continue purchasing from the farmer's market instead. I guess it would be a fun way to try new foods . . . since you get what they give you. I am also in the process of purchasing Organic foods from a Buying Club. I'm sure I'll post on that too once I get started. A girl I used to work with finally found a buying club to purchase through. They are hard to find. :)