Tuesday's Green Tip - Method at Big Lots!

Big Lots has Method (Rt. 23 and Lazelle in Columbus) this week and there are many great deals to be had. I purchased the Method, 32 load, Free & Clear Triple Concentrated Laundry detergent for $3.00!! I also purchased Pink Grapfruit All Purpose Wipes for $2.50. There were also air freshners, dryer sheets, hand soap, dish soap, all purpose cleaners and a variety of their holiday scents as well.

Now I have said previously that I was phasing out purchasing cleaning products in lieu of making my own . . . and I am still doing that. However, there are some products which I will continue to purchase like laundry detergent, hand soap and dish soap from companies like Method and Seventh Generation.

Sustainable Saturday - Gardening with Children

Several years ago my husband gave me a book, Gardening with Children. For the last three years we have done just that, allowed our kids to get dirty and learn how to grow food and a little bit about where food comes from. I was reminded how important this concept is to kids today when my 5 year old neighbor didn't know what a carrot looked like both in the ground and once harvested!

We live in a time of prepackaged foods even fruits and vegetables. Growing our own food is not only a way to save money for our family, but we are teaching life lessons about how to grow food, what it looks like in the raw and where food comes from. Next year, maybe a community garden! I like to think BIG!

Menu Planning Monday

Sunday - Hamburgers, potatoes/ onions/ red peppers, salad

Monday - Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuesday - Crockpot Barbequed Chicken and Cornbread.

Wednesday - Cheese & Chicken Quesadillas, fruit

Thursday - Leftover Buffet, fruit

Friday - Pesto Broccoli Linguine, fruit

Saturday - Homemade pizza

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