About Me

Welcome to Saving Family Green!

This blog is dedicated to Green living ideas including organization, cleaning, food purchase and preparation.

Every week I host Sustainable Saturday in which I cover topics related to all things green.  Sustainable Saturday will attempt to answer questions from friends and followers, have a few guest posts and provide substantive information on being more earth-friendly, sustainable, green, organic, local or however you may choose to categorize it!

In the Spring and Summer of 2010 I will be hosting a blog series Gardening with Children, A Series Documenting our Garden 2010.

Symhomemom is now also a guest blogger at Big Green Head, a local (Worthington, Ohio) Green Resource.

I am a Mommy to 2 teenie weenie greenies and wife to a Treehugger.  Over the years we have learned by trial and error what works for us in our quest to be green.  I've got lots of knowledge to share . . .

My family is also in the process of renovating our 1960s ranch as Green as possible.  It's not only green, but incredibly energy efficient.  If you are interested in learning more, check out Sym-Home.

Family Room Before:

Family Room After:

Playroom Room Before:

Playroom After:

Daughter's Room After:

We hope we can inspire you to be a little more "Green"!