Sustainable Saturday - Getting to Green

This week's Sustainable Saturday is being dubbed Getting to Green.

It seems like these days green is becoming a common term especially now that recycling has become more readily available and S.C. Johnson has launched GreenWorks cleaning products. Truly what does it mean to be green?

Being green can simply be trying your best to be as environmentally responsible as you can be. At our house we constantly struggle with what is the most environmentally responsible choice vs. cost.

Getting to Green is a way to see what you are already doing and what you could be doing better to be an environmentally responsible member of society. This list is by no means complete, but it is a start. As I continue to develop Getting to Green we will discuss many of the items in more detail. Like how do you get started with composting and what are the benefits? How do you make your own cleaning products? How do you find a buying club and what type of products do they sell?

Many of the items listed I have been doing for years (not my entire life . . . I am not Sara Snow!) I am learning and I hope you will join me along this journey as we are Getting (closer) to Green.

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