LOZO: Learn the right amount to use and create less waste

I subscribe to LOZO for their daily money saving tips.  When I find something that applies to my readers, I feel compelled to share.  It may sound silly, but this is something I have been attempting to do with a lot of personal care products for a long time, reduce the amount that you use when it comes to shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, toothpaste, etc.  At our house, we use some personal care products that are Organic or Natural and some that our not.  My theory is if we get used to reducing the amount of product we use, when we finally switch over to all Organic or Natural products, we will use less and therefore it will have less of an impact on our overall budget.

LOZO:  Learn the right amount to use and create less waste

Learn the right amount to use and create less waste TV ads often give us the impression that we need to use a ton of product, especially when it comes to toothpaste, shampoo and soap. After all... the more you use, the more you'll buy (that's good for them, but not so hot for us). The truth is, however, that it's the cleaning action itself--not the product--that does most of the actual cleaning (aka brushing your teeth, massaging your scalp, scrubbing your body).

With that in mind, rest easy knowing that a peanut-size amount of toothpaste will do the job just as well as three times that amount. If you really want clean teeth, you're better off brushing an extra 30 seconds than you are using more toothpaste.

Click through to LOZO to get some simple guidelines for shampoo, soap and shaving cream too.

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