Kroger: Unadvertised Organic Deals

As part of my Sustainable Saturday Series, I blogged about 10 Tips to Buying Organic on a Budget. One of those tips is Unadvertised Organic Deals.  

I discovered the following Unadvertised Deals at Kroger this week (9/24/10-8/3/10):

Lundberg Short or Long Grain Brown Rice (1 lb.)
Sale! $1.29
$1/1 Coupon available here
Total:  $0.29 each!

R.W. Knudsen Spritzer 4-pack
Sale! Buy One, Get One FREE (Reg. 3.99)
$1/1 Coupon available in store on the product OR
$0.75/1 Coupon available here (if coupon applies)
Total:  $1.99-$0.99 for (2) 4-packs!

SmartDogs Veggie Hot Dogs
Sale! $3.39
$1/1 Coupon available here
Total:  $2.39

Other deals not pictured:

Stonyfield probiotic 4-pack
Sale! 2 for $3

Stonyfield YoBaby 4-pack
Reg. $2.99
$0.50/1 Coupon available here
Total: $1.99

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