How Real People on Real Budgets Can Afford Organic

I found this article in my inbox and thought I would share.  This goes along with what seems like a multitude of blogger posts recently on the subject of buying Organic on a budget.  One item I left off my list of 10 Tips to Buying Organic on a Budget that they mention in this article is a term coined "Orgo-Generic" which is buying store brand Organics.  Every week we purchase from Kroger Private Selection Organic 2% milk among other items. 

How Real People on Real Budgets Can Afford Organic

Guest Blogger for Healthy Child Healthy World - Robyn O'Brien:  

In a world in which we are constantly worried about the health of our families, the stability of our jobs, paying the mortgage and all of life's responsibilities, the simple act of trying to eat healthy often becomes a challenge.

Not to mention that if your family is anything like mine, then you've most likely got some picky eaters, limited time and a limited budget with which to pull all of this off in a world of soaring food prices.

So here are a few tips for those who want to start buying organic food but don't want to pay the high price:
  • Go Orgo-Generic. Major grocery store chains like Safeway and Kroger, and big box food retailers like Costco and even Wal-Mart, now carry their own organic foods. And all foods labeled "USDA organic" are created equal, no matter where you find them. No need to upscale your grocery store when Wal-Mart gets it done.
  • Buy Frozen. Frozen foods (like strawberries and fish) are cheaper than those that are delivered fresh. So if the prices on fresh produce are eye-popping, cruise on over to the frozen food aisle for a discount.
  • Eat with the Season. Retrain your taste buds to think like your grandmother did. She didn't eat strawberries in the middle of winter. Locally grown foods are usually cheaper than those flown in from another hemisphere so if you eat with the season, you'll be eating more affordably.
Read the entire How Real People on Real Budgets Can Afford Organic article here.

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