Sustainable Saturday - Gardening with Children: A Series Documenting our Garden 2010 - Video Blog!

I decided to give video blogging a try for something different.  Instead of writing about the progress of our garden, I think this short video shows it much better! I did get cut off at the end of the video because my memory card ran out of room.  I wanted to say that I've read differing opinions about planting marigolds around the garden.  We have chosen to plant them on the perimeter of our beds and if nothing else they add some color to the garden throughout the growing season.

This Sunday evening I did spend some time weeding and cleaning up some of the overgrown vegetables that you will see in my raised garden bed.  I planted some additional carrots, lettuce, transplanted a cucumber and pepper plant.

For us, it's all about learning what works well for our family, what grows well in our yard and what yields the most vegetables for the time we invest.

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