More on Eating Organic on a Budget . . .

Stephanie from Saving Naturally was interviewed about how her family Eats Organic on a Budget.     

In the interview I found her explanation of buying meat really great.  She goes into much more detail about how many local farmers' practice organic farming just don't have the certified-organic labeling due to cost and buying meat in bulk.  This expands upon my Number 7.  Local Farmers from my post Sustainable Saturday - 10 Tips to Buying Organic on a Budget.

Organic meat has a higher markup than organic produce. How do you get organic meat at affordable prices? I don’t buy certified organic meat. There are so many farms where families are raising the animals in an organic method but they don’t get the organic certification because it is too expensive.

You can read the entire interview:  Eating Organic on a Budget

Thanks!  Bargain Babe

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