Sustainable Saturday - Our Eco-Friendly Vacation

 This week's Sustainable Saturday is delayed due to our Garage Sale (which was successful despite some minor bumps in the road) and Member Appreciation Night at our Community Swimming Pool.

We are about to embark on a vacation here in the not so distant future. As I've been preparing for this trip, I've been thinking about the ways in which we are automatically implementing eco-friendly ideas in to our planning:

  • First and foremost, we will be staying in a house that is incredibly energy efficient designed by my husband. This house has implemented: "Simple strategies such as larger overhangs and clerestory windows to increase the potential for natural ventilation.  The larger south facing windows and clerestory allow for ample day light.  Large overhangs are utilized  to keep the water away from the foundation as well as provide shade to the wall to help keep it cooler in the summer yet allow the sun to penetrate during the winter for passive solar gains.  The large South facing roof gives plenty of area for a future photovoltaic installation."
    • The vacation spot of choice this year is only 5 hours and approximately 260 miles from our house.
    • Since we are staying in a house, we will mostly be cooking and not going out to eat much while on vacation.  We will be taking meat from a farm in Ashtabula County and purchasing fruits and vegetables from the plentiful farmer's markets at our destination.  At the Farmer's Markets they feature fresh-picked Concord grapes, NY apples, locally-grown vegetables & fruits, flowers, maple products, baked goods, Amish goods, and crafts.  Most of the Organic & Natural dry goods and non-perishables have already been purchased and much of which will come from our stockpile.
    • Since we will be staying on a lake, that will be our main source of entertainment if you will.  We will probably venture to a nearby winery and visit the Children's beach.  Our overall consumption in regards to travel will be minimal. 
    It will be nice to be away from the everyday stresses while enjoying some peaceful and relaxing days on the lake!

    Photo Credit:  Natural Environmental Education Week

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