Whole Foods Market® - Birthday Parties

As the weekend approaches and my daugher's 4th birthday party, I've got birthdays on the brain.  While on Whole Foods Market® website, I noticed that you can host a party right there in the store!  Thought it was an interesting idea to share . . .

Casual Café Party $50 for up to 15 children
·         Reserved Table in our Café
·         5 Balloon Bundle
·         Scratch-made Personalized Birthday Cake

Pampered Princess Party! $225 for up to 10 children ($10 each additional child)
·         2 hour party in our Private Cooking School
·         Personalized Party Invitations
·         Choice of a Whole Foods Market T-shirt OR Apron for the Birthday child
·         Keepsake Party Picture
·         5 Balloon Bundle
·         Each guest creates their own Homemade Perfume
·         Scratch-made Personalized Birthday Cake
·         Organic Juices or Milk

You can check out more party ideas/ options here.

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