A Low-Carbon Holiday Celebration

Christmas LightsWhen the family next door pulled out their holiday lights and trimmed the big pine tree in their front yard this year, it was a major happening. The thing was so bright and vivid that, as my neighbor's wife ruefully said, you could see it from space. I grimaced at all the electricity such a display must be consuming until it was pointed out that these were LED lights and using hardly any at all.

You can read more of this article on 7 Gen's Blog here.

As I read this excerpt from 7 Gen's Blog I immediately think of the Christmas Classic:  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  We have ventured into the land of LED lights and reap the benefits of little to no impact on our electricity bill.  Our house is noticably different from our neighbors' in that it has a true white light where as the Christmas lights of the past have a yellow glow.  That's our Honda Civic Hybrid in the driveway . . . as 2009 draws to a close we really are Getting to Green . . . 

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