DIY: Christmas Card Boxes

This is a craft idea I learned many years ago at an Advent Craft Night at our church.  These Christmas card boxes are a great way to create an ornament, a small gift box or advent boxes.  It is also a way to reuse old Christmas cards!

The instructions:
  • Tear or cut card in half. 
  • Overlap front of card over back of card and draw a line to create a square.  Do the same for the back of the card and cut along line.  (Note:  Cut bottom square 1/4" smaller on all four sides than top square.)
  • Using a ruler, draw a line from corner to corner on the inside of the card.
  • Fold card from each corner to the center of the "X".
  • Unfold card.

  • Fold card up to crease you just created on all four corners.
  • Repeat on all four corners.
  • Unfold card.
  • Fold card up to original crease on opposite side corner.
  • Repeat on all four corners.
  • Unfold card.
  • Cut along line created by the folds.  You will stop cutting once you reach the corner of the box.  (This will be visible by the lines created when you folded the card in the previous steps.)

    • Fold up sides along the crease created by folding the card until you get to the edge of the top/bottom of the box, then fold in the sides to create the box.
    • Repeat on the opposite side.
    • Once you have folded up the two sides to form the box, fold over the other two sides to finish and secure the box.
    • Repeat all the steps to create the bottom of the box.

    • To make box into an ornament punch two holes on one corner of box.  Thread ribbon thru box and tie.
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    Originally posted by Saving Family Green in December 2010.

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