DIY: Children's Fleece Blanket (Christmas Gift Idea!)

Two years ago, my children received "child size" fleece tie blankets for Christmas from my Aunt. They are the perfect size for our 3 and 5 year old to curl up on the couch on a cool winter day. Looking for inspiration for a Christmas gift for our new niece and my children's cousin, my daughter and I made a "child size" fleece tie blanket.

We started with a little over 1 yard of two different coordinating fleece fabrics. We trimmed the fabric. Then we measured in 5 inches from each side and cut 1/2 inch strips around the entire perimeter of the fleece. We removed the four corners (5 inch x 5 inch) and then began tying knots joining the two different pieces of fleece together.

My daughter and I worked on this project together. I cut the fabric and she did the majority of the ties adjoining the two pieces of fleece.

The end result is a really cute and soft fleece blanket that we hope our niece and cousin will really enjoy.

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