Whole Foods Market® - This Week's Hot Deals (Ohio)

These prices are valid from November 1 thru November 8.

You can read all about the current coupon deals available in both the whole deal and available to print online here.

Sales appear to be regional or even by State. Please confirm with your store their coupon policy as some stores will allow you to use one manufacturer coupon + one Whole Foods coupon per item.

UPDATE:  Whole Foods (Dublin) is no longer accepting stacked coupons due to a change in store management. 

One Day Deals!    

Wild-Caught Lobster Tails
Great steamed, broiled, or grilled!  Try them dipped in butter, with lemon, or seasoned with a favorite seafood marinade or rub. We recommend Seasoned Garlic Butter, found in our Seafood Department and made fresh from our Kitchen.
Previously Frozen. 3-4 oz.
Sale $5.99/ea
Reg. $8.99/ea
This Week's Hot Deals!
Organic Butternut Squash
These sweet, nutty squashes are the stars of the autumn harvest—ready to be roasted with maple syrup or steamed and puréed for soup.

99¢ lb
Reg. $1.69 lb

CALIFORNIA Seedless Holiday Grapes
$2.49 lb
Reg. $3.49 lb

MEXICO Organic Euro Cucumber
2 for $5
Reg. $3.49 ea

WILD-CAUGHT Sockeye Salmon Fillet
Full flavor, rich texture and heart-healthy omega-3s. Just bake or boil, and serve with your favorite fall veggies. Previously frozen.

$9.99 lb
Reg. $12.99 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER 85% Lean Ground Beef
Perfect for chili, meatloaf and a great burger.
$3.99 lb
Reg. $4.99 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER Bone-In Beef Rib Steak
A steak-lover’s favorite. Just grill or broil for a tender, juicy steak. From cattle raised on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics ever.

$10.99 lb
Reg. $13.99 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER Beef Chuck Shoulder Roast
Perfect for pot roast.
$4.49 lb
Reg. $5.99 lb

Stock up before the holidays! These award-winning butters are prized by gourmet chefs, and they’re a special treat on our freshly baked breads. In select varieties.
(1 pound)

$4.59 ea
Reg. $6.39 ea

IMAGINE FOODS Almond Dream or Rice Dream
Select varieties of nondairy beverages. (64 fl oz)
$3.99 ea
Reg. $4.99 ea

(8 oz)
2 for $4
Reg. $3.99 ea

In select varieties.
(12–15.5 oz)
2 for $4
Reg. $3.59 ea

EO Bubble Baths
In select varieties.
(12 oz)
$5.99 ea
Reg. $11.99 ea

AMAZING GRASS Raw Reserve Powder
(8.5 oz)
$23.99 ea
Reg. $39.99 ea

IMMACULATE BAKING CO. Biscuits or Crescent Rolls
(8–16 oz)
2 for $5
Reg. $3.99 ea

ENJOY LIFE Chocolate Bars
In select varieties.
(1.4 oz)
4 for $5
Reg. $1.99 ea

$0.75/2 Manuf. Coupon available here

MEXICO Gourmet Medley Tomatoes
(12 oz)
$3.99 ea
Reg. $4.99 ea

Valid in our Washington, D.C.; Marlton and Princeton, New Jersey; Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia stores. Certain items may not be available in all stores.

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