5 Tips for Saving Money at Whole Foods Market®

Previously I have talked about how you can get certain items at Whole Foods for the best price.  I firmly believe that you can shop at Whole Foods and not give them your "Whole Paycheck" as some people say.  

Saving Family Green's 5 Tips for Saving Money at Whole Foods

1.  Take advantage of their One Day Deal (Every Friday).  Last week for instance they had Fresh Whole Chickens for $1.29/ lb.  Last year before the holidays they offered Free Range Eggs and both Salted and UnSalted Butter for terrific prices on a Friday One Day Deal.

The best way to find out about your store's One Day Deal is through your store's facebook page.  They also sometimes send out emails if you sign up for your store's email newsletters.

2.  Know their prices for items that you buy regularly.  When my children were younger I would make a special trip to Whole Foods for Stonyfield's Yo Baby Yogurt because Whole Foods using a manufacturer coupon had the best price in my area.  If your store allows you to stack coupons (one manuf. + one Whole Foods coupon) consider that as well.

Staples that I buy from Whole Foods include 365 Olive Oil, Compostable Sponges (when on sale), Yogurt, Organic Milk, and Friday One Day Deal items!

3.  Pick up a copy of the whole deal at the store or access their store coupons online.  Many times you can pare a store coupon with a store sale and get a terrific deal.

For instance, I was able to pick up Arrowhead Organic Flour (they also had rice varieties for those who are Gluten Free) that were on Sale ranging from $2 - $2.99 for 2 lb.  Currently there is a Whole Foods Coupon for $1 off any Arrowhead Mills Baking Product.  Corn meal was $1.69, after coupon making it only $0.69!

Also, in the in-store copy of the whole deal there is a $2/1 coupon for 365 Everyday Value® Dark Chocolate Mini Chunks, White Chocolate Chunks, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips or Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.  The chocolate chips sell for $2.29 at my store less the $2/1 coupon making them only $0.29 for a bag of chocolate chips!  (The coupon available online is only for $0.50/1, so you definitely want to pick up a copy or two of the whole deal while in-store!)

4.  Check to see if your store allows you to stack coupons.  My local Whole Foods used to allow you to stack one Whole Foods Coupon with one Manufacturer Coupon on the same item.  After a change in store management, that is no longer allowed, however many stores still allow you to stack coupons.

5.  Whole Foods has in store sales that run every week from Wednesday through Tuesday of the following week.  Check sites like Healthy Life Deals and The Thrify Mama for regular coupon match-ups for not only weekly sale items but all items which can be purchased at a great discount combining store sales, Whole Foods coupons and Manufacturer Coupons.

Also, Saving Family Green posts weekly in-store (Columbus) deals with applicable coupons!

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