Sustainable Saturday - Local Foods at the Wilds

I always think it is interesting to learn of a place, not too far from where you live, that is doing great things in regards to sustainability and educating others.

The Wilds is attempting to address where food is grown, how it is grown and their approach to sustainable resources use.

A little background on The Wilds (from their website): 

The Wilds is a private, non-profit conservation center located on nearly 10,000 acres of reclaimed mine land in rural southeastern Ohio. It was created as the conservation center of the future by a group of civic leaders, political leaders and zoo professionals who believed that a serious scientific approach was required to find solutions to environmental concerns.
Rhino in a Lake
From its inception, the Wilds has been envisioned as a facility that combines cutting-edge conservation science and education programs with unique visitor opportunities.

Last year, The Wilds increased its ability to grow food on the property utilizing raised garden beds and compost due to poor soil conditions, a direct result of most of the property having been surface mined.  The goal for The Wilds is to provide fresh produce for area restaurants and educating visitors about sustainable agriculture practices.

In addition, they supplement their produce needs by purchasing from Chesterhill Produce Auction which is owned by Rural ActionRural Action’s mission is to foster social, economic, and environmental justice in Appalachian Ohio.

The Wilds, by keeping their purchases local for meat, cheese, wine, beer, maple syrup and a variety of other items, are supporting the local economy and proving that food doesn't have to travel thousands of miles to your plate.

Chesterhill Produce Auction

Rural Action

Local Matters

Ohio Foodshed

Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association

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