Sustainable Saturday - Transforming our Pantry 2011

This new Series, Transforming Our Pantry 2011, will focus on the things we will be doing to preserve local and homegrown food now that will last into the fall and winter months.  I will be posting the specifics of how we are preserving food in Friday's DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Posts.

A little background . . .

After reading the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle we set some food goals at our house.
  1. Grow, Purchase and Eat as much locally grown food as possible.  (Currently we buy vegetables in season from our local Farmer’s Market, purchase meat from a local vendor and grow a garden in our Back Yard.)
  2. Preserve vegetables from our current Back Yard garden.
  3. Preserve fruits and vegetables from our local Farmer’s Market.
  4. Incorporate edible plants or possibly even a garden into our Front Yard landscaping.
I thought it would be interesting to document how our pantry and freezer (essentially our food supply) continues to "transform" as we implement new strategies and reinforce some old ones.  Above pictured is the tomato sauce that we canned after attending our first Produce Auction.  Locally produced maple syrup purchased at our local Farmer's Market.  While we purchase many organic items, including beans and tomato sauce, we still want to improve the quality and locality of the food we are placing in our pantry and ultimately eating.

As part of our adventure to a Produce Auction last week, we also stopped at a Amish Bulk Foods store.  Purchases at the Amish Bulk Foods store included:

Raw (Turbinado) Sugar
Whole Wheat Flour
White Flour
Brown Rice
Vanilla Extract
(and a few extras like Trail Bologna, Amish Cheeses, Banana chips and Yogurt Pretzels)

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