DIY: Freezing Peppers

So another step towards preserving food for the winter months included chopping lots of peppers and freezing in quart size freezer bags.  This is a super simple way to include great produce into your diet for minimal cost.  My husband makes a terrific pasta dish with red and yellow diced peppers and when he makes this in the winter it costs a fortune (in my opinion) to purchase from our local grocer.  However, by preserving these peppers now we will also save money.

I purchased two large baskets of peppers for $14 at a Produce Auction.

We chopped the peppers for my husband's pasta dish, chopped green peppers for use in texas chili and strips of peppers for use in other dishes and for fajitas. 

Want to hear something really sad?  After placing all these nicely cut peppers in my new deep freeze, the deep freeze stopped working and I lost it all!  Fortunately since our local Farmer's Market is still in full swing I was able to partially replenish the chopped peppers.

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