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These prices are valid from May 11 thru May 17.

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This Week's Hot Deals!

These Hot Deals! are local to Whole Foods Market - Ohio locations.

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CALIFORNIA Navel Oranges
Supersweet and easy to peel.
Our buyers are experts at locating the best citrus groves in the country.
4 for $3
Reg. 99¢ ea

Seedless Watermelon
$4.99 ea
Reg. $6.99 ea

FLORIDA Blueberries
(1 pint)
$3.99 ea
Reg. $5.99 ea

GEORGIA Vidalia Onions
99¢ lb
Reg. $1.49 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER Boneless Chicken Cutlets
Nothing beats these juicy, lean cutlets for delicious, economical weeknight meals. Air chilled for great flavor; no antibiotics, ever.
$5.99 lb
Reg. $7.49 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHERS Gourmet Beef Burgers
Selection will vary at each store.
$4.99 lb
Reg. $5.99 lb

PRODUCT OF USA MSC-Certified, Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon Fillet
Full flavor, rich texture and loads of omega-3s. Just add your favorite condiment. Previously frozen.
$11.99 lb
Reg. $14.99 lb

STARFISH Gluten Free Battered Haddock
Wild-caught and previously frozen.
(10 oz)
$5.99 ea
Reg. $8.99 ea

STUBB’S BBQ Sauce or Marinades
Selected varieties.
(sizes vary)
2 for $6
Reg. $3.99 ea

NAKED 100% Coconut Water
Selected varieties.
(11.2 oz)
3 for $4
Reg. $1.99 ea

IZZE Sparkling Juice
Naturally sweet. Real fruit juice, sparkling water and nothing artificial. Try as a mixer or with sorbet as a dessert. Available in selected varieties.
(4 pack)
2 for $8
Reg. $5.49 ea

NATURE’S PATH Organic Cereals
Selected varieties.
(sizes vary)
2 for $6
Reg. $4.49 ea

ICU EYEWEAR Sunglasses
Fun or fancy summer styles.
$13.99 ea
Reg. $18.99 ea

BIONATURAE Organic Fruit Spread
Selected varieties.
(9 oz)
2 for $7
Reg. $4.39 ea

Back to Nature Cookies
Selected varieties.
(sizes vary)
2 for $5
Reg. $3.99 ea

Supports bone health.
(180 caps)
$15.99 ea
Reg. $21.99 ea

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