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These prices are valid from May 4 thru May 10.

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This Week's Hot Deals!

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FLORIDA Blueberries
Add to salads and smoothies; bake into pancakes or muffins. They’re loaded with antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.
(6 oz)
$2.99 ea
Reg. $3.99 ea

MEXICO Organic Mini Melons
$3.99 ea
Reg. $4.99 ea

FLORIDA Organic Grape Tomatoes
1 pint
$2.99 ea
Reg. $4.99 ea

NEW ZEALAND Taylor’s Gold Pears
$1.79 lb
Reg. $2.49 lb

MSC-CERTIFIED Wild-Caught Sea Scallops
Previously frozen.
$11.99 lb
Reg. $13.99 lb

PRODUCT OF USA Fresh Wild-Caught Haddock Fillet
Similar to cod — mild and flaky yet firm. Excellent dusted with one of our flavored panko breadings.
$10.99 lb
Reg. $13.99 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER Bone-In, Split Chicken Breast
Air-chilled for best flavor and texture. Raised on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics ever.
$2.99 lb
Reg. $4.49 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER 93% Lean Ground Beef
$4.49 lb
Reg. $5.99 lb

OIKOS Organic Yogurt
Rich, thick, European-style yogurt cultured from fat-free organic milk. Try it with fruit and honey. Selected varieties.
(5.3 oz)
4 for $5
Reg. $1.99 ea

LOOZA Nectar
Selected varieties.
(3.88 oz)
2 for $6
Reg. $3.99 ea

NAKED Juice Smoothies
Selected varieties.
(15.2 oz)
2 for $5
Reg. $3.29 ea

Hint Flavored Water
Selected varieties.
(16 oz)
4 for $5
Reg. $1.99 ea

MRS. MEYER’S Clean Day Laundry Detergent
Selected varieties.
(64 oz)
$11.99 ea
Reg. $14.99 ea

In six luxurious scents.
(32 oz)
$7.99 ea
Reg. $12.99 ea

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