Sustainable Saturday - A Truly Sustainable Day!

This Saturday we did something that I'm not sure we have done many times before, at least intentionally anyways. We didn't drive anywhere. And it's not to say that we didn't go anywhere, we just chose other means of transportation. In our community every Saturday morning we have a terrific Farmer's Market in the downtown area which is approximately two miles from our home. This week the Farmer's Market was joined by an event called 'Green on the Green' (the town square is called "The Green"). Local high school students were offering a "bike check", so we loaded up our children and rode our bikes to the events. Our 5 year old rode her own bike and our 3 year old rode in the bike carrier.

After we returned from our adventure we did some yard work, played, cooked and ate dinner. We didn't drive our car anywhere and it felt good. It made me wonder if this should become a weekly event. What if everyone took one day each week and didn't drive anywhere? It would help preserve our natural resources and save on your budget (especially with gas hovering $4 per gallon).  We live in a large suburb of Columbus, Ohio which is not exactly the most pedestrian or bicycle friendly place, but we have schools, a grocery store, our church and downtown all within a few miles.

What do you think? Could your family not drive anywhere on one designated day per week?

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