Sustainable Saturday - 15 Ways Your Home Can Make You Infertile

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I have long believed that health of human beings is directly related to the chemicals and environments that we expose ourselves to, especially indoor environments.  When my husband and I married and purchased our first home, we made conscious decisions about the items and products that we would use in our home.  We have personally never struggled with infertility, however we have watched several friends go through infertility and eventually become pregnant.  Part of me has always believed that this was due to never having put hormones in my body in the form of birth control prior to having children and also to the indoor environment that we have chosen for our home including building materials like paint, removing wall to wall carpeting, cleaning products, etc.

15 Ways Your Home Can Make You Infertile

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Disclaimer:  The content of this post may be a little more in depth than what I typically share here on Saving Family Green, however I think this article is definitely worth sharing.  I am very sensitive to infertility as I have watched the several of our friends experience struggles with becoming pregnant. 

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