Saving Family Green 2011

It's a new year and I'm working on my goals for this blog in the coming year.  My biggest goal (wish) is that I had more time to contribute to it.  Something I have never shared here before (at least not that I remember) is that in addition to being a blogger and mom, I am also work full time in the construction industry with an emphasis on green building. 

While I "wish" that I had more time to share the knowledge that's in my head in regards to going green, being environmentally conscious, etc. there is just not enough time in the day.  I thought as we enter the new year I would share some of the sites that I read daily in my google reader for time sensitive green deal posts that I am unable to share here.  While I do share some deal posts, usually they are only the ones that I either will personally take advantage of or are just so great that I believe they are worth sharing again!

Here are some of my favorite "Green" Deal Blogs:

Organic Deals
Saving Naturally
Tips for Green
Your Green Helper

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