$2/1 Wholly Guacamole Coupon!

You can get a $2/1 Wholly Guacamole Coupon here!  Sign up for your coupon by selecting the Rock the Guac option.

It's the New Year and so many of us are looking ways to eat healthier. Why not make the move by grabbing a back of veggies and some ranch dip as an alternative to fatty snacks?

We'll tell you why...

Ranch is a saucy seducer masquerading as a healthy snack!

We think it's time for Wholly fans to Get Off the Ranch! Go to our new website that will reveal all the things really hidden in what may be your family's favorite white dip.

Wholly Guacamole is a yummy dip and topping that tastes great and is packed with vitamins and minerals! Go to Get Off the Ranch for the details!

Thanks! Your Green Helper

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