October is Celiac Disease Awareness Month NEW Gluten-Free Coupons!

October is Celiac Awareness Month.  We have a good friend who has Celiac Disease or CD as it is sometimes called and we have learned about the disease through her.  As I have cooked meals for this friend, I have learned how challenging it can be to eliminate wheat, barley and rye from your diet.

Celiac Disease, according to the Celiac Sprue Association, effects approximately 1 in 133 people in the United States.  However, only 3% of these have been detected!  Celiac Disease is generally diagnosed with a simple blood test.  Currently the cure for celiac disease is to follow a lifelong gluten free diet.

You can read more information:

Celiac Sprue Association
Celiac Disease Foundation

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You can read reviews of the products listed above here.

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