Sustainable Saturday - Reuse!

For the next three weeks, while our gardens are growing vigorously, I thought I'd take a break from my Garden with Children Series and hopefully give you some new ideas to inspire in your quest to be Green.  The next three weeks will focus on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reuse is a very important and often overlooked way to live a life that is more sustainable.

Here's two examples of great ways to reuse everyday cereal boxes:
As part of this three part series, I will highlight a company which demonstrates the idea of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in fun & innovative ways!   

Halominer is a local company (Cincinnati, OH) that offers one of a kind apparel and accessories that are created from reused materials. 

Elevating the Everyday inspired apparel and accessories

The mission of the HaloMiner is to create one of a kind products and art from pieces of everyday life. We want to save cast offs which usually go to the dumpster or bin and to give them a new purpose.

In addition to viewing their products online they are also available at local (Cincinnati, OH) venues:

See HaloMiner products in Clifton and Yellow Springs!
Our earrings, headbands and Backup Bags are now available at Pangea, Toko Baru on Ludlow Ave. in Clifton's Gaslight and Shopology in Yellow Springs.

Mt Washington Farmer's Market — Thursday 3-7pm thru Oct
We share a booth at this wonderful little market in Stanbury Park with our friend Scott Kelley. Come see our products, his wonderful ceramic creations and grab some fresh produce, herbs, bread etc...
Oakley After Hours — Friday, July 30th
Oakley has a great event under way you do not want to miss. Next month we will be working on some projects in HaloMiner's studio 2H. DID I MENTION WE ARE AIR CONDITIONED? There are many wonderful shops and restaurants to take in up and down Madison Road.


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