gridSMART Ohio - FREE Removal and $50 for Your Old, Working Refrigerator or Freezer

If you watch television past 10 p.m. locally in Columbus, Ohio, you've probably seen a gridSMART commercial.  gridSMART from AEP Ohio, an initiative that offers our customers new ways to think about electricity.

One of the easiest programs you can take advantage of right now is their Appliance Recycling Program.  Get rid of that energy hog that is in your garage. I'm talking about the 1980s era refrigerator, not the Ford F150 (for the moment anyways). 

FREE Removal and $50 for Your Old, Working Refrigerator or Freezer

Is a second refrigerator or freezer running up your electric bill? Older units can use 2-3 times as much energy as newer ones, quite often to chill only a few beverages. 

Turn in your old appliance through the Appliance Recycling Program and:
    • Get paid - During the months of May-August get double the normal $25 normal rebate for a $50 total rebate and free, convenient pickup of your old appliance
    • Save money and energy - remove an old refrigerator from service and save up to $100 a year in energy costs.
    • Protect the environment - 95% of the unit is recycled and chemicals are properly disposed. 

Lighting Program

Receive Instant Discounts on CFLs

AEP Ohio wants to help their customers save money and energy. That's why they're offering an instant discount on qualified ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) you purchase at participating retailers.

Shop at their online SMART Lighting Store.   

Recycle CFL Bulbs
Please remember CFLs contain a small amount of mercury and need to be disposed of properly, preferably recycled. To learn more, go to the Environmental Protection Agency Web site.  Most Home Depot stores recycle CFL bulbs. Check with the store in your area to make sure they accept them. Recycling kits are also available through the on-line store.

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