Sustainable Saturday - Recycle!

RecycleBank is the premier rewards and loyalty program that motivates people to recycle and to engage in environmentally virtuous activities.  The program has proven to more than double recycling rates in cities in 21 states across the country and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2004, RecycleBank’s mission is to get every house to recycle because everybody, everywhere can recycle and should be rewarded for doing so.

If your area is participating in the RecycleBank program, you can earn points towards more rewards by recycling. Check out more details here.

If your community is not current participating in the RecycleBank program, consider contacting your local municipality or refuge and/or recycling contractor to find out if they would be interested in participating.  I plan to contact both the City we live in and the company that collects our refuge and recycling.  Here is a link you can forward directly that will explain the program.  Check it out here.

To sign up for a FREE account:

::Go here and click on the "Sign In or Get Started" button at the top of the RecycleBank page.

::Click on the "Register" option and fill out your information.

::Once you've signed up, go back to the homepage here and sign in. Your account should be credited with 100 points for signing up.

::Click on "Get Rewards" and scroll down to the "Grocery and Food" category in the left column and choose which coupons you would like to request via mail.

::Earn points for your old cell phone and other electronic devices. Information available here.

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