Symbiotic home (sym-home) is your one stop shop for new or existing home performance

After many months of hard work, has re-emerged as a Home Energy Performance Company. 

Are you concerned with your new or existing homes utility bills?

With fluctuating energy prices, this is a concern for many homeowners and we can help reduce your homes’ utility needs.

Symbiotic home (sym-home) is your one stop shop for new or existing home performance.

Sym-Home provides the expertise on home energy performance and comfort for both new and existing homes.  We work with clients that are looking to design and build a new home or addition, home builders, and other design professionals, as well as homeowners who are just looking to lower their utility bills.  We provide the knowledge, training and experience for any project to identify, set and implement your energy performance and comfort needs.

Sym-Home pulls from a decade worth of experience in the architectural field to provide affordable and creative solutions for design projects ranging from new kitchens and bathrooms, to new homes and additions.  We are knowledgeable of the current building and energy codes and various other aspects of health and safety that can be involved with any project.


Sym-Home has the certification necessary to perform home energy audits and help the individual homeowner qualify for some of the special financing that is available for home performance improvements.  By reviewing your previous utility bills, a thorough inspection of your homes envelope and systems, as well as conducting a blower door test, we can generate a report that will allow you to see a prioritized list of improvements that can be made to improve the performance and health of your home.

In 2007, an article published by Environmental Building News (The Challenge of Existing Homes: Retrofitting for Dramatic Energy Savings) stated that the existing housing stock is a critical component of the Architecture 2030, 2030 Challenge® to reduce our countries carbon emissions, and would require extensive energy retrofits of approximately 1.5 million homes a year.  Therefore it is sym-homes’ continued mission to provide the services and educational resources necessary to give you, the homeowner, a piece of mind with your utility bills and help cut the countries carbon emissions.

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