Seventh Generation - Protecting Planet Home Television Premiere

Seventh Generation - Protecting Planet Home

Here is an excerpt from their new campaign and very much embodies what I've said here in the past . . .

Over the past couple of years, we've watched while giant consumer packaged goods manufacturers have rushed 'green' products to market. Where they are authentic, this is a great thing. Where they are focused solely on capturing what they see as a 'marketplace opportunity' to maximize profit, we worry it could lead to consumer cynicism about the purpose and possibility of businesses like ours to create meaningful change.

Watch Seventh Generation's television advertising premiereIt's a critical juncture in our history, and we've decided it's time to spread the word about who we are and what we do and introduce many more people to the possibility of a very different type of company and different role that business can play in society.

The new campaign is called "Protecting Planet Home." The Planet Home is a symbol we'll use to help educate and remind people that the world they care the most about — the home where they raise their family — can be made healthier by eliminating toxic chemicals and instead choosing natural products like the ones Seventh Generation has been making for more than two decades.

All of us at Seventh Generation are excited by the prospect of what will happen when more of the population knows that companies like ours exist. As we grow, the more influence we have and the more we're able to prove that this isn't just a phenomenon playing out with a little niche brand in Vermont, but a movement capable of changing the world we all share.

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