January Grocery Budget Update

In January I did challenged myself with eating from our stockpile including our freezer, refrigerator and pantry by participating in Money Saving Mom & Life as Mom's Eat from the Pantry Challenge.  We accompished eating from our stockpile and survived the meal plan that I established with a few changes as the month progressed.  My biggest downfall is that I can't resist a good deal especially when it comes to Organic, Earth-friendly products!  Throughout the month I scored great deals on numberous deals on Organic produce, Muir Glen, Horizon, Method, Earth's Best and Seventh Generation products to name a few.  In total we spent $409.52 on groceries and household products for the month and since I grocery shopped on 1/29, this will also strech into February.  We are going to continue to eat from our stockpile in February, however I'm not going to meal plan again for the entire month.  We will use what we have on hand, buy what we need and find exceptional deals on . . . basically back to the plan that I've used for the last few years.  Bottom line is, we will continue to purchase as much Organic and Earth-friendly products as the budget will allow, meal plan to keep us organized in our busy household and provide our children with the best start in life we can when it comes to keeping it natural, green, sustainable, organic, local or however we might choose to say it!

Here's the master list of what we bought in January 2010:
If you take out all the paper products and diapers purchased at the beginning of the month, we were at $307.09 for primarily food and some personal products.  Our typical grocery budget is $250.  We'll see how we do in February and post the final totals again here.

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