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 In this picture you will notice a Scotts spreader.  We are not promoting the use of Scotts, it just happens to be that we have a Scotts spreader that we acquired on Pre-Cycle Day in our local community (for free).

Sunday morning at church I noticed in the raised garden beds there were carrots growing and surrounding the carrots were lawn clippings and leaves.  I was concerned at first at the thought of placing potentially chemical laden lawn clippings around carrots that were meant for the local food pantry.  Then I looked around and observed that the lawn appeared as though it was not treated with chemical lawn products as there were clovers and other plant species growing amongst the grass much like our own lawn.

One, this is a great idea for keeping carrots warm during these unpredictable weather days of fall.  Two, this reminds me all of the reason why I am grateful that we treat our own lawn with Natural or Organic Lawn Care concepts.  We don't have to worry about our children rolling in the grass or placing lawn clipping in our compost pile.  In the past we have used a local Organic Lawn Care company, Good Nature, but as of more recently we have been treating the lawn ourselves (or should I say my husband has been treating the lawn).

Organic Lawn Care concepts at the Saving Family Green household consists of Corn Gluten.  Until last Spring I was unfamiliar with Corn Gluten except for my obvious assumptions that it was made of corn.

"Corn Gluten Meal is a powdery byproduct of the corn milling process.  Used for years as a supplement in hog feed, this natural protein is very effective for lawns and gardens as a plant food as well as a week suppressor.  Corn gluten meal products offer a non-toxic, yet effective alternative to traditional, chemical-based weed and feed products for weed control in gardens and lawns, paths and driveways.  - An excerpt from Corn Gluten Meal - A natural alternative for lawn and garden weed control.

Lawn Prep and Corn Gluten Application:

Learn more about Corn Gluten:

Corn Gluten Meal - A natural alternative for lawn and garden weed control

Corn Gluten Meal as an Organic, Pre-Emergent Herbicide 

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