Whole Foods Market® - This Week's Hot Deals (Ohio)

These prices are valid from March 23 thru March 29.

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One Day Deals!

This Week's Hot Deals!

CHILE Seedless Green Grapes
It’s peak season for Chilean grapes, so enjoy them while you can. Look for crisp fruit on full bunches for snacks, salads and desserts.
$1.99 lb
Reg. $2.99 lb

OFF THAILAND Farm-Raised Raw Shrimp
Peeled and deveined for convenience! Add some sweet, firm shrimp to soup, stir-fry or pasta. 26 – 30 count. Previously frozen.
$9.99 lb
Reg. $12.99 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER Beef Shoulder Steak, Roast or London Broil
Our excellent steaks and roasts at a crowd-pleasing price. And all our beef comes from cattle raised on a 100% vegetarian diet.
$3.99 lb
Reg. $5.99 lb

MEXICO Champagne Mangoes
This variety has a rich, honey-sweet flesh that’s almost fiber-free. Perfect for healthful snacking, salads and salsas.
10 for $10
Reg. $1.50 ea

Boneless Beef Sirloin Steaks
$7.99 lb
Reg. $9.99 lb

WASHINGTON Pink Lady Apples
$1.69 lb
Reg. $2.49 lb

USA MSC-CERTIFIED Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillet
Previously frozen.
$11.99 lb
Reg. $14.99 lb

WALLABY ORGANIC Lowfat Down Under Yogurts
Selected Varieties
(6 oz)
4 for $3
Reg. 99¢ ea

FROM OUR BUTCHER Chicken Breast Cutlets
$5.99 lb
Reg. $7.49 lb

Selected Varieties
(12 – 15.5 oz)
2 for $3.48
Reg. $3.49 ea

MEXICO Blackberries
(½ pint)
2 for $5
Reg. $3.99 ea

ANNIE’S HOMEGROWN Organic Crackers
Selected Varieties
(6.5 – 6.75 oz)
2 for $5
Reg. $3.69 ea

NEAR EAST Rice Pilafs, Couscous, Meal Kits
Selected Varieties
(5.1 – 10 oz)
3 for $5
Reg. $2.39 ea

MRS. MEYER’S All Purpose Cleaners
In Lavender, Lemon or Geranium. scents.
(32 oz)
$6.19 ea
Reg. $7.49 ea

PROBAR Fruition Bars
One of our favorite fruit-based superfood snacks!
(1.7 oz)
2 for $3
Reg. $2.29 ea

SOOTHING TOUCH Salt Scrubs or Sugar Scrubs
Aromatic scrubs that gently exfoliate and lock in precious moisture. All scents. (16 oz)
$7.99 ea
Reg. $16.69 ea

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