Sustainable Saturday - Spring into Eco-Action

Spring is almost upon us! It's 55 degrees here in Ohio and I'm getting anxious for warmer weather!  We've started some of our seeds for our garden and even cleaned out the garage this weekend. 

Spring is the season to enjoy the outdoors and time to start thinking about warmer temperatures. While you clean out your closets and tidy up your budget, it’s also a great time to implement some money-saving, planet-saving ideas for Spring:

1. Use cloth kitchen towels and napkins or at least half-sheet recycled paper towels.

2. Get a water filter or refill dispenser jugs vs. single-serve, single-use plastic bottles.

3. Avoid purchasing single serving packaged items. Instead package them yourself in reusable containers by shopping the bulk bins or buying large packages to save packaging on grains, beans, cereals, pasta and snacks.

4. Reuse shopping bags and/ or buy reusable shopping bags, and not just at the grocery store. I carry mine everywhere, even to the mall! Check out Greenfeet for some super cute styles or purchase from stores like Generation Green, The Andersons General Store, Target, Kroger and Whole Foods for as little as $1!

5. Make and take your lunch and avoid the waste of single-use packaging or take-out containers. Taking your own lunch is not only healthy for the environment, but healthy for your bottom line. Eating lunch out 5 days a week at $10 per day can really add up!

6. Wash clothes in cold water because roughly 80% of washer energy used is to heat water.

7. Watch your portion sizes to help balance consumption with resources (and help your health).

8. Shop the sales on eco-friendly cleaners, recycled paper goods and local, organic and seasonal goods. Check out stores like Big Lots for discontinued Method products, your local grocery store (Kroger and Babies R Us/ Toys R Us often clearances out Seventh Generation Products) and even Whole Foods (periodic sales on a variety of cleaning products) Also, check out my favorite coupon links on the right!

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A portion of this post originally published by Saving Family Green in March 2010.

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