Sustainable Saturday - How do you take your morning OJ?

Sometimes I read things that scare me.  I suppose that is why I am on the quest I am to green my family's life.  The Environmental Working Group found that 58 percent of nonorganic orange juice samples tested contained traces of the pestisides used in orange groves.

This Sustainable Saturday is all about Orange Juice.  So, we now know that Organic Orange Juice contains less pesticides and is superior in nutrients, including 30 percent more Vitamin C, according to National Geographic's Green Guide.  But, what is the most eco-friendly OJ option out there? 

There are several ways you can take your morning OJ:  frozen concentrate, from concentrate (in carton), not from concentrate (in carton), from concentrate (in recyclable plastic jug) or not from concentrate (in plastic carafe).  Basically to sum up the research done by National Geographic's Green Guide, the most eco-friendly option from several standpoints in frozen concentrate.  From a nutritional only standpoint, from concentrate (in carton) or from concentrate (in plastic jug) are the most rich in Vitamin C.  (Although the frozen concentrate follows closely behind).

Environmental reasons to purchase frozen concentrate (orange, apple, grape, mixed berry) include lowest transportation costs (to get the product from the manufacturer to your store), container manufacturer (how much energy is used in the manufacturing process) and typical price per gallon of juice. 

So, next time your contemplating which option to purchase, think (Organic) frozen concentrate! 

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