Tuesday's Green Thought . . . .

Being a little more green can be something as simple as choosing to walk or ride a bike in lieu of driving a automobile. While we live in a suburban neighborhood, we have one very distinct advantage in our neighborhood vs. other similar neighborhoods. Our local public schools are located within walking distance of our home. I am reminded of this great advantage as I see parents walking their children to school every morning.

We live in what is commonly referred to as a first ring suburb of Columbus, Ohio. The idea of schools being located within walking distance to single family dwellings is not new. When our City was founded it was based upon the New England Village Grid. There were specific lots designated for churches, government and schools. These lots were surrounded by single family homes. Our neighborhood was built in the 1960s. Fortunately the City had foresight to see how important it would be to locate the schools mixed amongst single family homes.

Somewhere with suburban sprawl we have gotten away from this idea.

I sure am glad we bought this house, in this neighborhood within walking distance to our childerns' schools.

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