Sustainable Saturday - Being Frugal at the Farmers' Market

With the current state of the economy who doesn't want to save a few dollars here and there . . . being frugal by shopping for local foods at a Farmer's Market is an easy way to save some Green . . . . while also helping to be a little more Green.

This time of year you can find many varieties of apples, pumpkins, squash, green beans, broccoli and tomatoes. Not only can you plan meals for now, but you can also think about freezing or canning these fruits and vegetables to enjoy during the fall and winter months. The last few weeks I have been preparing foods for my freezer chopping and bagging vegetables and making large quantities of applesauce.

Frugal Green Living: Find Your Dinner at the Farmers' Market

Frugal Green Living: Preserving the Harvest

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