Organized house . . . organized mind . . . like a breath of fresh air

As I mentioned in my previous post, I do better when things are organized. So, I have attached my cleaning schedule to share how I have organized our household cleaning tasks. Now this may seem ridiculous, but with two parents who work it is essential. I have thought about hiring a cleaning service, but the cost seems to always deter me from looking for someone.
I have broken down all the cleaning tasks into manageable pieces to be accomplished mostly in the evenings during the work week after the children are in bed. While there are occassional nights where the task listed may take 2 hours, that usually only occurs once per month and that makes it manageable. My ultimate goal with this schedule is to keep my cleaning mostly to during the week so that the weekends can be spent spending time with my family.
I am not totally rigid with this schedule. If I miss a few days here or there, no big deal. I find that having a schedule with all the cleaning tasks broken down into manageable pieces makes keeping the house clean and organized from being a completely overwhelming task!

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