Buying Local - A series on purchasing and preparing local foods for your family - Symhome mom's take on Menu Planning

At our local Farmer's Market we can purchase eggs, meat, vegetables and fruits. We do still have to rely on the local grocery store to purchase those other filler items. Every week we need bread and milk along with other grocery store staples.

Symhome mom's take on Menu Planning -

I begin by shopping on Saturday morning at my local Farmer's Market. I purchase in season fruits, vegetables and meat to last thru at least one week. Then when I get home, I think of all the meals I can make with these foods and determine what items may be needed either from my freezer, pantry and from the grocery store.

At the grocery store I do try to buy thing on sale, clip coupons and in general watch how much I spend. I can guarantee you that a lot of my food savings comes from buying local. I can purchase a green pepper, a medium sized eggplant and a zucchini for example for $1 at my local Farmer's Market. My new goal for this year is to purchase vegetables and fruits at the local Farmer's Market when they are in season and freeze some to enjoy later in the year.

For example last week I purchase a large bag of apples. I made two large pots of applesauce and froze portions large enough for my family for one meal.

Amy's Applesauce:
Apples (your choice of type)

Wash and peel apples (if desired)
Core and slice apples
Place apples in a pan
Fill with water to almost cover apples
Cook apples and water on medium heat until apples breakdown
Add sugar and cinnamon (if desired) to taste

I freeze meal size portions in freezer bags, laying them flat in my freezer. I can just take one out when ready and let it thaw in the fridge. For an extra treat, you can warm the sauce in a pan before serving.

I have also made sauce leaving the skins on. This will give a pinkish tint to your sauce.


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