Menu Plan Monday - Week of 6/10-6/16

As you will see below, I list items that have been purchased locally or are Organic (some are both!)


Cereal, fruit
Organic plain yogurt with local strawberries and locally made granola
English muffin w/ peanut butter, banana
Jazzed up pizza (homemade whole wheat pitas w/ homemade local strawberry jam, local strawberries and bananas)   

Whole wheat tortilla w/ hummus, turkey, local tomatoes and local spinach, carrot sticks, fruit
Whole wheat tortilla w/ Organic local black beans w/ combination of some or all of the following: salsa, Organic grass-fed cheddar cheese, local tomatoes and/or organic plain yogurt, fruit
Green salad w/ local hard boiled eggs, local tomatoes, carrots and honey mustard dressing
Homemade whole wheat pitas w/ falafel, cucumber sauce, lettuce, local cucumbers and local tomatoes, carrot sticks, fruit


Sunday - Local hamburgers, whole wheat buns, local asparagus, local green salad w/ local carrots, local cucumber and red peppers.

Monday - Homemade whole wheat pitas w/ falafel, cucumber sauce, lettuce, local cucumbers and local tomatoes or hummus, carrot sticks, fruit

Tuesday - Hot dog night at the pool, carrot sticks, pineapple, local strawberries and pretzel sticks.

Wednesday - Local black bean quesadillas w/ red peppers and local onions, cheddar cheese, salsa, Organic plain yogurt (in lieu of sour cream).

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Dinner out

Saturday - Homemade pizza w/ local italian sausage, local onions, red peppers and local Organic grass-fed mozzarella cheese.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your menu. It looks fantastic. Have a great week!


Jessica @healthierhappier said...

Congrats I am honoring you with the Liebster Blog Award! If you don't know what it is check it out here