Sustainable Saturday - Update on our Year

I have been absent from the blogging world for quite some time now.  Periodically I have been updating with interesting articles and events on my facebook page for both Saving Family Green and Suburban Family Garden.  I have big goals for this year to have both blogs up and running, unfortunately some serious family health issues have required much of my time in 2012.

I am here.  We are here.  We are continuing to live our lives the way we believe is best for our family and the environment.  I have not stopped reading, growing and sharing.  These family health issues have further affirmed for myself that our health is dependent on the food we eat and the air we breath.

That all said, here is a look into what we've been up to so far this year:

Saving Family Green

There are big goals for this year.  Hope to be sharing more in the coming weeks.  Since this month is Earth Day, my goal is to start our "year" then.

We've been cooking and baking from scratch more than ever.  Our freezer is full of local fruits, vegetables, beans, meats and baked goods made from scratch.

Homemade pizza has become a regular event.  I love being able to control the ingredients including grass-fed mozzarella cheese from a local farmer.  The meat is local, the vegetables are local and we are loving it!  For now, the sauce is store bought, although Organic, due to my freezer episode last year.  We have many, many tomato plants started though to make enough sauce for the entire year.

We've been eating more beans this year.  (Pictured top left to right are Kidney Beans, Lentils and Pinto Beans).  We've found a local source for Organic Black Beans with Shagbark Seed & Mill. 

We've made refried beans (using Pinto Beans beans pictured above) using a recipe from Skinny Mom's Kitchen, which is a new favorite blog I'm following.   You can find many of the recipes we've used this year by following me on Pinterest.

Suburban Family Garden

Goals for 2012:
  1. Front Yard Garden - Inspired by the Edible Front Yard
  2. Produce enough produce to last 12 months
  3. Community Awareness
  4. Giveaway and/ or donate produce
  5. Year round gardening
The seeds are started and we will be planting more soon in the ground.  The weather here in Ohio has been unseasonable warm and has allowed us to get the seeds started early.  

Note:  Some of the links referenced in this post are my referral links.  You can read Saving Family Green's Material Connection Disclosure Policy here.

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