Sustainable Saturday - Suburban Gardening with Children: Growing Raspberries & Blackberries

We were lucky enough when we purchased our house to have wonderful raspberries and blackberries growing in our yard.  This year these plants have an abundance of fruit that is ready for us to pick and eat.  It is rare though that they actually make in the house because everyone (including the neighbor girls) are eager to eat them fresh off the bush once they are ripe.

One thing we do need to set our sites on in the coming year is thinning and reworking the location of some of the plants so that it will be easier to pick the berries.  Here are few ideas utilizing raised garden beds and the concept of a trellis of wooden crossbars to support the raspberry plants.

Resources on growing Raspberries & Blackberries:

  • - Find out where you can Pick Your Own fruit and vegetables.

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Photo Credit:  Raspberries - Growing Raspberries - Raspberry Varieties, Stalking the Wild Dandelion, Fine Gardening and Amy Lloyd.

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