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These prices are valid from April 27 thru May 3.

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This Week's Hot Deals!

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GEORGIA Vidalia Onions
New crop! These sweet, mild onions are great for sandwiches, kabobs
or burgers.

CALIFORNIA Organic Baby Spinach
(5 oz)
$2.99 ea
Reg. $3.99 ea

MEXICO Ataulfo Mangoes
5 for $5
Reg. $1.50 ea

ARGENTINA Organic Packham Pears
$1.69 lb
Reg. $2.49 lb

CANADA Snow Crab Clusters
Wild caught and previously frozen.
$8.99 lb
Reg. $11.99 lb

PRODUCT OF THAILAND Cooked Cocktail Shrimp
Cleaned, cooked and ready for zesty cocktail sauce. Farm-raised according to our strict standards for aquaculture. Previously frozen.
26 – 30 count.
$10.99 lb
Reg. $13.99 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER Boneless, Center-Cut Pork Loin Chops or Roast
Tender and quick to prepare. Try with one of our spice rubs for extra flavor. Raised on a vegetarian diet.
$5.99 lb
Reg. $7.99 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER Air-Chilled, Fresh Whole Chickens
$1.79 lb
Reg. $2.29 lb

FROM OUR BUTCHER 85% Lean Ground Beef
$3.99 lb
Reg. $4.99 lb

NANA’S COCINA Tortilla Chips
Selected varieties.
(1 lb)
2 for $5
Reg. $3.69 ea

FROM TAMAQUA, PA KOCH’S All-Natural, Oven-Roast Turkey
Sliced to order at our deli counter.
$7.99 lb
Reg. $9.99 lb

NAYA Natural Spring Water
Packaged in a 100% rPET bottle.
(1.5 liters)
5 for $5
Reg. $1.49 ea

SWEET LEAF Bottled Iced Tea
A real thirst quencher! Brewed with filtered water and organic tea leaves; sweetened with organic cane sugar. In a variety of flavors.
(16 oz)
5 for $5
Reg. $1.99 ea

AMY & BRIAN Coconut Juice
Available with or without pulp.
(17.5 oz)
3 for $5
Reg. $2.49 ea

KETTLE Potato Chips
Selected varieties.
(5 oz)
2 for $3
Reg. $2.49 ea
$1/2 Manuf. Coupon available here (IE), here (FF)
$1/1 Manuf. Coupon available 3/20 RedPlum Insert
Total:  $0.50-1 each

Diapers or Training Pants
Selected varieties.
(sizes vary)
$9.99 ea
Reg. $11.99 ea
$1/1 Manuf. Coupon available here
$1/1 Whole Foods Coupon available here

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