Affordable Green Homes in Cleveland

This is yet another project that my husband has had involvement with in the past thru Cleveland Green Building Coalition. These homes are located in Cleveland, are complete and have been sold.

I invite you to read the article below and visit the links for more info:

Cuyahoga Community Land Trust
Creating opportunities for home ownership now. Securing affordability for the future.

The Cuyahoga Community Land Trust is a non-profit organization that develops permanently affordable homes in Cleveland. The Land Trust makes homeownership a reality for low- and moderate-income families by lowering the price of quality homes.

Right now we have some exciting homeownership programs, including our Homebuyer Initiated Program--offering up to $30,000 off many newly built or substantially rehabbed homes in the city of Cleveland--and the Green Cottages -- a collaboration with Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, the Cleveland Green Building Coalition and the Cleveland EcoVillage to develop permanently affordable, energy-efficient homes in the EcoVillage.

Today's housing market is full of risks for lower-income families and, as the high numbers of foreclosures and abandoned properties demonstrates, for the larger community, as well. The Land Trust promotes secure and stable homeownership for lower-income families. We reduce the risks associated with homeownership for both homebuyers and their neighborhoods by offering quality homes at substantially reduced prices, assisting our clients to qualify for healthy mortgages, and maintaining the affordability of the homes we sell.

These tools allow the Land Trust to help families fulfill their dream of owning a home--effectively fostering secure homeownership and stable neighborhoods.

To find out more about how we help lower-income families become secure homeowners, or how you can support our work, follow the links above, call us at 216.334.1620, or email

Green Cottage Open House during the month of April

The Land Trust is please to announce tours of the first Green Cottage home during the month of April. Our homeowner will be moving into her new home in May, so stop by during one of our sessions before it's too late!

The tour schedule is as follows:

Tues April 7th and Tues April 21st we will hold an orientation session beginning at 6pm. The orientation will last about an hour, where at 7pm we will head over to the home for a brief tour.

Saturday April 11th and Saturday April 18th we will hold an open house from 1-4pm. Please stop by anytime during these hours to tour the home as well as a brief tour of the EcoVillage neighborhood.

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