Menu Planning Monday

This week's Menu Planning Monday is all about the Crockpot for us! Unfortunately our 20 year old range has decided that it's not going to work any longer . . . I kind of boiled over a pot and helped it along with it needing to be replaced. As you can imagine I am not totally upset about it as my new range will be delivered on Saturday. Yea!

My recipes for this week came directly from A Year of Crockpotting. I highly recommend this blog as I have found several great recipes here in the past.

Sunday - Crockpot Barbequed Chicken and Cornbread. I used Barbequed Pork instead since I already had it on hand from my monthly meat delivery from Oink Moo Cluck.

Monday - Crockpot Bean Stew Recipe. I did use split peas as instead of lintels.

Tuesday - Leftovers from Monday

Wednesday -Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings Soup.

Thursday - Leftover Buffet

Friday - The kids are off to Grandma's and we are spending an adult evening out. :)

Saturday - Depending on whether my new range is actually hooked up or not . . . TBD.

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