Sustainable Saturday - How-To Green Halloween!

Halloween is only a few weeks away and like many moms, I have been thinking about costumes, accessories and candy!

Want to Green your Halloween, but not sure where to start?

Gather good green resources and information:

Utilize resources available that are already online such as Green Halloween (a program of Ecomom Alliance) and EWG (Environmental Working Group).

Green Halloween offers tons of great resources including downloadable action kits and materials to help you spread the green:
The Environmental Working Group offers EWG's Tips to Green Your Halloween featuring ideas such as:
  • Pick play make up carefully
  • Skip the colored hairspray
  • Burn more eco-friendly candles (if at all)
  • Don't wear synthetic face masks or teeth
  • Offer treats that you would like your kids to receive
  • You can read the rest of the tips here

Reuse! items from past costumes, borrow from someone else or participate in a Costume Swap:

Participate in National Costume Swap Day (Today, October 9th - Nationwide).  Find one in your area here.  Since my original post about this National Costume Swap Day, two new swaps are happening in Cleveland, OH and Shaker Heights, OH!  If your Town or City is not participating in a swap this year, consider organizing one for next year 2011!  Many swaps are put on in collaboration with local green businesses and even National Retailers like Whole Foods.

There are also online swaps available from websites such as thredUP!

Purchase new items that are more eco-friendly or Organic:

Shop for Halloween goods online from places like for eco-friendly costumes, accessories, make-up and treats!

Shop for Organic Candy from places like offers Organic Candy for a reasonable price.  You can currently get 125 YummyEarth Organic Lollipops, Assorted Flavors for $12.63.  Subscribe & Save and get an additional 15% off 

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