Sustainable Saturday - 10 Tips for Getting to Green in the Kitchen

This week's Sustainable Saturday is the first part of a new Series called Getting to Green.  This Series will focus on easy, cost-effective ways to implement green ideas or concepts throughout your home and life. 

10 Tips for Getting to Green in the Kitchen

This is probably one of my favorite places to implement green ideas and a terrific place for easy, low cost, high impact sustainable practices.

1.   Recycle metal, plastic and glass containers.

2.   Recycle paper and cardboard containers.

3.   Compost fruit and vegetable waste (Also coffee filters, coffee grounds and egg shells).  Read about how to get started with composting including building a outdoor compost bin out of pallets here

4.   Use compostable or biodegradable products where possible.  You can purchase a variety of products that are compostable such as sponges, paper plates and utensils. 

5.   Use cloth napkins

6.   Use dish towels

7.   Store food in reusable (glass) containers, not plastic baggies or wrap.

8.   Use environmentally friendly cleaners, dish soaps and dishwasher detergent or make your own.

9.   Plant an herb container garden

10. Unplug appliances that are used infrequently

2 Additional Tips for Getting to Green in the Kitchen: (These items have added cost associated with them, but are valuable if you are remodeling or need to replace a fixture or appliances).

11. Purchase a "Low-Flow" Kitchen Faucet

12.  Replace appliances with Energy Star Appliances (Dishwasher and Refrigerator)

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